How to prevent porcelain from being touched

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How to prevent being "touched by porcelain"

how to prevent being "touched by porcelain"

September 21, 2018

not long ago, China chemical industry news published reports that chemical parks and chemical enterprises were repeatedly "touched by porcelain", which triggered strong repercussions in the industry. In the interview, the author also came across many such cases. It is clear that the planning and construction of the chemical industry park was first, but it was repeatedly "surrounded" by later civil construction projects, many of which were malicious, resulting in the park and enterprises paying huge relocation costs for these latecomers

how to prevent being "touched by porcelain"? The author believes that chemical industry parks and enterprises should comply with the norms of the park and the general trend of safety and environmental protection, establish the awareness of compliance, avoiding neighbors and safeguarding rights, actively connect with urban planning, leave enough space for safe development, and resolutely safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, Taking advantage of the situation to solve the problem of "Chengwei chemical industry", the shoe factory can eliminate the process of mixing water-based shoe adhesive on site in the bonding process. Generally speaking, the verification regulation of "tensile force, pressure and universal material testing machine" is more suitable for the verification of hydraulic universal material testing machine

first, establish compliance awareness and connect with local planning. Chemical enterprises must comply with this change and make adjustments to their enterprise planning. If they can develop in situ, they must comply with laws and regulations, and do not break the red line of planning and environmental protection, so as to avoid being passive in the future; If the local area is no longer suitable for continuous development, it is necessary to plan in advance, enter the park as soon as possible, move early, take the initiative, and benefit early

second, establish a sense of avoiding neighbors and leave a safe space. At present, it is generally stipulated that the minimum distance between chemical enterprises and residential areas is 500 meters, and the distance between the park and the city should be at least 2 kilometers. Therefore, the enterprise should keep a certain distance from the residential area at the beginning of building the plant, keep the newly-built devices away from the direction of residents, conduct greening and beautification between safe distances, and establish an ecological barrier. It is forbidden to develop new properties within the space, and it is not allowed to build civil facilities. Large enterprises can apply for upgrading the enterprise park to a professional chemical park recognized by provinces and cities, so that the small town planning can make way for the recognized chemical park. The resettlement area planning conforms to the safety distance of the chemical park and the small town planning. At the same time, enterprises should be willing to invest in ecological construction, build necessary environmental protection facilities such as sewage treatment, buy out the surrounding land plots when necessary, coordinate with the local government to relocate and transform the surrounding villages, and leave enough room for development

third, establish the awareness of safeguarding rights and interests and safeguard the rights and interests of enterprises according to law. The park is always close to the city in the development. Even if chemical enterprises enter the park, they still face the problems of how to avoid each other in the planning of residential areas and how to live in harmony with the industrial layout and residents' lives. In the past, some chemical enterprises encountered malicious complaints from surrounding villagers, asking excessive prices, and obstructing the development of enterprises. Most of the enterprises took money to eliminate the disaster with a calming attitude, which contributed to the arrogance of "porcelain bumpers". In the current environment of governing the country according to law, enterprises should safeguard their legitimate rights and interests according to law on the premise of operating in compliance and paying taxes according to regulations, and resolutely resist unscrupulous developers and criminals' acts of "touching porcelain" in the name of environmental protection. At present, all localities are building a good business friendly environment, and chemical enterprises should also put forward their legitimate demands to ensure a good development environment

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