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How to eliminate false exhaust gas detection? Scientific instruments see through the fishy

how to eliminate the falsification of exhaust gas detection? On September 18, 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency accused some diesel vehicles sold by a certain brand of vehicles of installing special software to deal with exhaust emission detection. The software can identify whether the vehicle is in the detected state, and then start it secretly during vehicle inspection, so that the vehicle can pass the inspection with "high environmental protection standards". However, according to the investigation of relevant departments, these vehicles will emit a large amount of pollutants during normal driving, up to 40 times the legal standard of the United States. This also exposed the fraud of the brand car in exhaust gas detection, which is called "exhaust valve" or "exhaust valve" by the public

after the fraud of exhaust emission detection was exposed, not only the automobile company was involved in scandals and troubles, but the entire German automobile industry was continuously affected. After three years, in response to the "exhaust gate" incident, Germany recently issued a 1billion euro fine order against the car company, and arrested and charged the people involved. This matter has once again aroused heated discussion in the society. In fact, this is not the first such incident. Coincidentally, three famous Japanese auto companies have also admitted that there is fraud in exhaust gas detection, which has shamed the Japanese auto industry. In addition to automobile enterprises, some motor vehicle inspection institutions have issued forged exhaust gas detection sheets to make profits. In order to successfully pass the exhaust gas detection, many car owners have also tried their best to fabricate. Even in some places, the counterfeiting of exhaust gas detection has formed an industrial chain, and various counterfeiting techniques emerge in endlessly

then, as a regulatory authority, how can we curb the counterfeiting of exhaust gas detection? First of all, there must be a set of effective standards. At present, according to the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of air pollution, China has issued and fully implemented the emission limits and measurement methods for light vehicle pollutants (China's five stages) (gb18352) Specific standards such as emission limits and measurement methods of exhaust pollutants from compression ignition and gas fuel ignition engines and vehicles (China 0.71 ~ 0.80 III, IV and V stages) (GB). According to the process of oil upgrading, the five national standards for motor vehicles will be implemented in different regions. According to different models, China's light vehicle emission standards are roughly the same as the EU standards, and heavy vehicles also refer to or modify the EU directives


secondly, it is necessary to further develop and promote motor vehicle exhaust detection instruments, so as to eliminate the possibility of falsification in technology and the need to design new fixtures. In order to complete the exhaust gas detection under various conditions, China has not only widely adopted the basic exhaust gas analyzer and exhaust gas detector, but also actively developed new technologies and equipment. For example, a lightweight and portable miniaturized tail gas detector or hand-held detector is provided for supervisors to facilitate tail gas detection anytime and anywhere. More conveniently, at present, many cities have begun to install full-automatic exhaust gas detectors on the roadside. As long as a vehicle passes by, it can detect its exhaust emission within a few seconds, and instantly transmit the information to the cloud for analysis. At the same time, with the strong promotion of the national environmental protection policy, remote sensing technology has also been applied to the field of exhaust gas detection. In China, remote sensing monitoring of vehicle exhaust started around 2000. Beijing was equipped with the first remote sensing monitoring vehicle at that time, and then other cities in China gradually promoted it. In recent years, there has been an upsurge in the procurement of exhaust gas remote sensing monitoring equipment in domestic units, and the era of vehicle exhaust remote sensing monitoring is approaching

finally, the actual users should consider the tonnage of the testing machine and the structure and control mode of the testing machine to avoid the falsification of exhaust gas detection. In recent years, China's requirements for exhaust emission standards have become higher and higher. Local regulatory authorities should actively eliminate those vehicles that do not meet the standards according to the standards and local realities, rather than delay in the implementation of the standards. In view of the fraud of some auto enterprises, the regulatory authorities should strengthen the strict spot check of ex factory vehicles. At the same time, it is necessary to regularly supervise and inspect the exhaust gas detection instruments of the inspection and detection institutions, and conduct surprise inspections when necessary, so as to strengthen the punishment of "scalpers" and severely crack down on them. Of course, exhaust gas detection is related to environmental protection and the living environment, health and safety of every citizen, which needs to be consciously accepted by every car owner. Only when the awareness of environmental protection is truly rooted in the hearts of the people will the industrial chain of tail gas detection fraud be completely cut off

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