FAQ of the hottest GPS area measuring instrument

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Q & A of GPS area measuring instrument

1 does the use of satellite signals require additional fees such as monthly rent

answer: No. The instrument can receive satellite signals for free for a long time, just as the radio receives radio signals for free

2 can't the instrument start

answer: try to press the "power" button many times; Check the battery

3 after pressing the measurement, the number of measurement points does not jump up

answer: the instrument may be set to measure manually. The production and manufacturing bases in East China, North China and southwest China are under construction. At this time, you can press the "save" key to save the measurement points for measurement, or press the "function" key to select automatic measurement, and then measure

4 is the measured data slope area when it helps to promote product innovation and provide strong support for the development of smaller devices

answer: No, the data obtained is the water plane projection area of the slope. Lmj-iig and lmj-iit can be used to measure the slope area

5 does the walking speed affect the measurement

answer: walking in a straight line has no effect, and you should slow down when turning

6 can you run, ride a bike, ride a motorcycle or drive a car for measurement

answer: Yes. Build * recycled Carpets: some f ⑴ 50 trucks have adopted nylon resin ecolon produced by 100% post consumer recycled carpets to make cylinder heads. It is recommended to slow down when turning

7 can I use the measuring instrument in rainy days

answer: Yes, but in case of lightning, it should be stopped

8 when the instrument starts to search for the satellite, the number does not jump or the satellite cannot be retrieved

answer: replace with a new battery; Go to an outdoor open place for testing, and then test in another place or after an hour

9 measurement range and accuracy

answer: it is recommended to measure an area of more than 500 square meters, the satellite signal is stable, and it has better accuracy when there are more than 7 satellites. It can measure the distance of 100 meters. When the reading is within the range of meters, the accuracy of the instrument is normal

10 instrument maintenance and repair

answer: prevent the instrument from water and moisture; Prevent collision with LCD position; If you need maintenance, please contact the dealer first

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