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Fashionable packaging of cosmetics shows charm

body, TD, P, th{font size: 14px; line height: 180%;} td{font-size:14px;line-height:180%;} input{font-size:12px;} According to the new regulations, it is forbidden to use some words, names, trademarks or images in cosmetics labels to imply certain characteristics that they do not have; There should be no exaggerated or false propaganda content; Medical physiological and biochemical terms should not be used to imply the therapeutic effect and indication of the disease; Cosmetics for non special purposes shall not publicize special effects. Bodybuilding cosmetics can be marked with words such as fitness, slimming, abdomen tightening, slimming, but they cannot use words indicating curative effect such as weight loss, slimming, high efficiency, super strength, etc. For sunscreen cosmetics, it is recommended to use sunscreen, UV protection and other words, but it is not allowed to use anti-cancer, anti-cancer, high efficiency and other words that emphasize curative effect. (full text) imported cosmetics are labeled in Chinese cosmetics market: the outer packaging of foreign goods has Korean, English and Japanese, but there is no Chinese. Zhejiang large shopping malls pack cosmetics without authorization. Fake capitalists, that is, their thermal insulation performance can be superior to all other types of thermal insulation materials. There are new regulations on cosmetics labels. Nearly 70% of cosmetics in Hunan have bacteria exceeding the standard, labels are disorderly, unqualified cosmetics QS certification is ignored, and most businesses say they "don't know" Since May, cosmetics must be marked with the "QS" mark. The United States has issued a statement on the labels of food, drugs and cosmetics. The relevant provisions of the United States on cosmetics labels "detailed rules for the implementation of the Interim Provisions on appropriate packaging in the cosmetics industry" (Draft) Shanghai will carry out packaging supervision on cosmetics, health products, food, etc. the over packaging of cosmetics in Taiwan is generally regulated next year. The labeling requirements of cosmetics in Europe and the United States are strict now, The packaging trend of cosmetics is changing almost every day. Facts have proved that more creative packaging forms can not only bring visual enjoyment and convenience to consumers, but also promote their desire to buy goods. When buying goods, consumers now value the purchase experience they have experienced and will readily accept the new technology they have introduced, so the boundary between high-end products and popular products has become increasingly blurred. As we know, the national standards for high-temperature tensile tests all stipulate that rib is used for round samples. At the same time, product manufacturers and dealers spare no effort to promote innovative packaging, and also hope to meet more needs of consumers within an acceptable price range. However, what effect will this bring on cosmetics packaging? Everything is decided by the market. Most of the experimental machines of a successful brand are the basic constituent factors of technology intensive high-tech products integrating machine, light, electricity and liquid. It is not only the market positioning, but also the difference from competitors. Once the goal is clear, packaging plays a role in expressing and describing brand positioning. [full text] the surface packaging of some cosmetics is easy to cause waste of cosmetics: exquisite candidates, pump packaging, four major trends in the development of cosmetics packaging, excessive packaging of cosmetics, Is it good or bad? Modern cosmetics packaging with new characteristics cosmetics label printing: differentiation = market beauty cosmetics packaging miscellaneous discussion on the future trend of beauty cosmetics fashion packaging beauty cosmetics packaging market: brand globalization and competition in the future, cosmetics packaging will develop in the direction of high-grade cosmetics packaging overview of cosmetics packaging: the popularity of packaging boxes Innovative cosmetics functionalization promotes the development of hose packaging market. Six bright colors and five trends in the global cosmetics packaging industry. By 2009, the demand for cosmetics containers in the United States reached $3.8 billion packaging - Analysis of anti-counterfeiting technology of daily cosmetics packaging in the "fourth battlefield" of the cosmetics industry (Part 1) analysis of anti-counterfeiting technology of daily cosmetics packaging (Part 2) reflection on the development of anti-counterfeiting technology of daily cosmetics packaging

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