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Curtain wall industry: fast and healthy become the main theme

looking back on the development of China's curtain wall industry in the past year, song Xiechang, Secretary General of the curtain wall Professional Committee of China Architectural Decoration Association, summarized it with the words "fast and healthy". It can be seen that the curtain wall industry has reached a new level after years of development

fast: bright spots appear frequently inside and outside

after more than 20 years of development, China's curtain wall industry has grown from scratch, from small to large. By the end of 2006, there were 1800 curtain wall design and construction enterprises with grade III or above qualifications in China, and the total output value of the industry has exceeded 60billion yuan, and continues to develop at an annual growth rate of about 20%

with the comprehensive construction of the venues for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the emergence of a large number of landmark buildings around, various curtain wall projects supporting them have sprung up. Large projects with world-class influence in the global construction field, such as the "Water Cube", "bird's nest" and the new site building of CCTV, all adopt the curtain wall production and processing application technology with the highest scientific and technological content, the most difficult construction and the best energy-saving effect in the world. Even Kaichen square, an office building project on Chang'an Street in Beijing, has its own intelligent ecological narrow body breathing glass curtain wall with an external facade of about 50000 square meters, which has set a world record for the use of this technology

while the domestic curtain wall market highlights frequently, some powerful enterprises have turned their attention to the world. After "testing the water" in the overseas market, these leaders in the curtain wall field have not only mastered the international rules of the game, but also won the trust of construction institutions in many countries in the world. Therefore, curtain wall projects led by Chinese people with yellow skin and black eyes are increasingly appearing all over the world. For example, the world's leading high-rise apartment building, Dubai Princess tower, built in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is fully responsible for the curtain wall design, production, transportation, construction and other work by Beijing Jiayu door, window and curtain wall Co., Ltd. It is reported that in 2007, the total amount of overseas engineering contracts of 10 curtain wall enterprises in China alone reached 8billion yuan. It is not difficult to see the strong trend of the expansion and development of the curtain wall industry to overseas markets. It is precisely because of the full flowering of domestic and international markets that China has become a real curtain wall production and use country

health: brands focus on energy conservation first

throughout 2007, there are many aspects that reflect the word "health". First, the backbone enterprises in the industry have played a flagship role, leading the industry to move forward rapidly along the path of sustainable development. For example, when the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced the newly recognized well-known trademark in the second half of 2007, the trademark "Shengxing" registered by Guangdong Zhongshan Shengxing curtain wall Co., Ltd. was listed on the list, adding a "national famous brand" to the curtain wall industry. In mid November, the 2006 top 50 enterprises of China building curtain wall were born. It is with the leading role of these backbone enterprises that the curtain wall industry can move forward steadily in the increasingly fierce market competition environment

in 2007, the average output value of the top 50 curtain wall enterprises reached 460 million yuan, an increase of 27% over the previous year. The output value of the top 50 curtain wall enterprises has accounted for 3% of the total output value of the curtain wall industry. The interior of the sensor is generally 5% of the resistance strain gauge

secondly, all members of the industry family have reached a consensus on some right and wrong issues related to the development of the industry. For example, in response to the national policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, a considerable number of curtain wall enterprises have shifted from the traditional and high-energy consumption production mode to the low-energy and ecological health development mode. Intelligent curtain wall, breathing curtain wall, ecological curtain wall, photoelectric curtain wall, composite technology curtain wall, sunshade energy-saving curtain wall and a series of new curtain wall production and installation technologies with the characteristics of the 21st century and significant energy-saving effects have been applied in construction projects all over the country on a certain scale

at present, some entrepreneurs have sneered at the phenomenon of low-cost competition that occurred in previous years, and have focused on scientific and Technological Development and management innovation. The "65 system dry curtain wall" project of Fujian Nanping Aluminum Co., Ltd. won the gold medal at the "2007 second cross strait workers' Innovation Exhibition"; In November and December, at the "International Symposium on door, window and curtain wall technology" held in Shanghai and Beijing respectively, domestic and foreign experts no longer bothered about the market environment, but turned their focus to the theme of "building door, window and curtain wall energy conservation, environmental protection and independent innovation"

China's curtain wall industry has developed from traditional to high-tech. In recent years, the demand of curtain wall market has been growing, and the scientific and technological content has been continuously improved. First of all, the point glass curtain wall of large-span space architecture reflects the curtain wall high technology in the design, processing and installation. The curtain wall project of Beijing Astronomical new hall, which was completed last year, has adopted a number of new processes, new materials and new technologies in its glass curtain wall and glass revolving body. Tens of thousands of types of space curved glass design and processing, curved steel structure design and processing, large-span glass rib beam and other technologies have been praised by industry experts and owners as "domestic 4. Instruments adopt brushless motors and are equipped with overload protection, which is rare in the world". The new technology of prestressed self balancing cable truss curtain wall structure of Guangzhou New Baiyun Airport fills the domestic gap and reflects the natural unity of indoor and outdoor buildings. Beijing Zhongguancun cultural commercial building is the first curtain wall building in China that integrates double curtain walls and unit curtain walls to further strengthen the resource and environmental protection of the rare earth industry, achieving the effect of environmental protection and energy conservation. In addition, with the innovation and development of curtain wall materials, high-performance safety glass (laminated glass, metal wired glass, tempered glass), photothermal effect glass (heat reflective glass, insulating glass, low radiation glass), fire-proof glass, bridge broken thermal insulation profiles, etc., all provide a broad space for the development of energy-saving curtain walls

in 2007, a curtain wall market structure dominated by large enterprises and assisted by small and medium-sized enterprises has emerged. The backbone enterprises with the core of "top 50 enterprises of China building curtain wall" have become the main force of technological innovation, brand excellence and market development in the whole industry in national key projects, large and medium-sized city image projects, urban landmark buildings, foreign-funded projects and foreign engineering construction. Other small and medium-sized enterprises rely on their own technology and business advantages to play a role in the construction market. For example, they can continuously and automatically measure and control load, deformation, displacement and other parameters, such as some water curtain walls, embossed curtain walls and other products created and produced by some glass deep-processing enterprises

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