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The rapid and reliable identification technology of tool damage detection system

identifying the location and cause of tool damage is a difficult problem, and the additional factors such as scrap, rework, machine tool shutdown and delay further reduce the current production efficiency and improve the cost

after using the tool damage detection system, productivity and profit margin can be improved, making scrap, rework and machine tool downtime history

the traditional non-contact tool damage detection system judges whether the tool is normal according to whether the laser beam is blocked: when it is blocked, it indicates that the tool is normal; If it is not covered, it indicates that the tool is damaged

trs2 is different. It has more advantages than other tool breakage detection systems, because it not only checks the change of light intensity

this new tool recognition technology can distinguish tools, coolant and chips, and has fast speed and reliable performance under actual processing conditions

renishaw's new system emits a laser beam onto the tool and monitors the reflected scattered light to determine whether the tool is damaged

this recognition process ensures that each tool is quickly detected at the beginning or end of the machining cycle

trs2 is an integrated system containing laser light source and detection electronic devices, which can be installed outside the processing area. It can not only prevent collision, but also save valuable processing space

trs2 can be installed on any rigid surface of the machine tool, because its relative position with the tool is not important. 9. According to the required measurement range of the sample

since there is no need to accurately align with the axis of the machine tool, the system setting is simple and fast

trs2 system is a one-sided device with excellent cost performance, fast speed and reliable performance in earthquake. It can detect knives as small as 0.5mm, and the residence time of knives in the laser beam is usually less than 1 second

trs2 uses the software specially written by Renishaw, which is provided with the product

trs2 system can detect all solid tools, including drills, taps, end tools, slotted drills and spherical end tools

this compact device can detect the inherent intelligent characteristics of composite materials 0.3m to 2.0m away from it, and can make the manufacturing of composite materials easier. It is very suitable for all kinds of machine tools

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