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Industrial interconnection: in the upsurge, it is more necessary to supplement the "short board"

Abstract: at this year's national two sessions, "developing industrial interconnection platforms" was clearly written into the government work report for the first time, causing heated discussion among experts and enterprises related to industrial interconnection platforms at home and abroad. At the 2018 China IT market annual conference, this topic naturally became one of the focuses of attention of the participants

although in terms of scale, the growth rate of China's industrial Internet market remains above 13% and shows an accelerating trend, there is still a significant gap compared with the developed countries in Europe and the United States. At the 2018 China it Market Annual Conference industrial interconnection Summit Forum held a few days ago, Yang Chunli, director of the information technology center of the China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, said frankly: "in addition to the strength of infrastructure, there is basically no big gap with foreign countries, we have a big gap in data collection layer, PAAS (platform as a service) layer and industrial app, with a gap of at least three to five years."

at the national two sessions this year, the "development of industrial interconnection platforms" was clearly written into the government work report for the first time, causing heated discussion among experts and enterprises related to industrial interconnection platforms at home and abroad. At the 2018 China IT market annual conference, this topic naturally became one of the focuses of attention of the participants

two different typical paths

in Yang Chunli's view, there are two typical paths for the development of global industrial interconnection: one is to take manufacturing enterprises as the leader to affect and drive the development of the entire industrial interconnection. The main feature is to increase efficiency and value, carry forward the advantages of manufacturing industry in industrial knowledge, industrial technology and manufacturing, take interconnection as a means of improvement, transform and improve traditional equipment, and realize intellectualization. The other is represented by a wide range of interconnected enterprises, whose main feature is innovation. It aims at innovation and value creation, is demand-oriented, and emphasizes the personalization of customers. In this way, it strengthens the system integration application of the platform, and constructs the whole business form

in the development path of industrial interconnection with manufacturing as the leader or with manufacturing as the leading role, the typical representative is ge. According to Yang Chunli, in 2011, Ge set up a software center in Silicon Valley to promote the transformation of the whole enterprise. In 2015, Ge released the cloud platform. In 2017, there were more than 50000 developers and more than 160 industrial apps on this platform. "Ge has invested US $4billion in seven years, and its goal is to become one of the top ten software companies in the world by 2020." Yang Chunli said

why does Ge follow this path? Yang Chunli believes that in the transformation and development of the real economy, digital transformation is essential. Its important content is to software, standardize and modularize the technology and knowledge in the manufacturing field accumulated for many years, so that more people can share, open and apply it. Therefore, GE has not only established a digital group, but also widely absorbed more IT talents

Siemens is a typical company that moves towards industrial interconnection through interconnection. Its goal is to become a solution provider integrating digitalization and automation. As of October 2017, Siemens has established more than 20 digital customer application centers in 17 countries. Yang Chunli said that Siemens' industrial interconnection platform architecture is significantly different from that of Ge, mainly in the level of development and operation

according to Wang Jianwei, director of the Department of informatization and software services of the Ministry of industry and information technology, developed countries such as the United States and Germany regard industrial interconnection as an important field to seize the future. Google and apple control and dominate the development of global Internet applications and industrial ecology. Giant companies such as GE and XIMENZI continue to promote their own strategic transformation through a series of mergers and acquisitions, business transformation and model innovation, Continuously improve the intelligent level of equipment. "They have accelerated the pace of software cloud migration and launched their own platforms. At present, they have basically completed the facility verification. The next two to three years will be a critical period for large-scale expansion." Wang Jianwei said

the industrial Internet market is accelerating

statistics show that the growth rate of the domestic industrial Internet market remains above 13%, and shows an accelerating trend. However, wangyunhou, deputy general manager of CCID Consulting Software and information service industry research center, said that North America and Europe are still leading the development of the entire market. Although the Asia Pacific region has grown very fast in recent years, its volume still lags behind that of Europe and the United States. When interpreting the white paper "Research on the evolution and investment value of China's industrial interconnection industry in 2018", he said: "the gap in volume is closely related to our weak infrastructure."

according to Wang yunhou, from a regional perspective, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and Beijing Tianjin Hebei are currently the regions with the fastest development of China's industrial interconnection market and the best industrial foundation. In terms of market segments, industrial software is currently the fastest growing field in the entire industrial interconnection field. Although the growth rate in the industrial security field is relatively fast, the overall market size is very small. "This shows that enterprises do not pay enough attention to industrial safety, and the hidden dangers and risks of industrial safety should be paid attention to." He said

CCID Consulting conducted an in-depth analysis of the top 100 enterprises in terms of revenue scale and innovation ability in the whole industry, and found that the investment in industrial interconnection has two major characteristics: first, the investment area. The development of industrial interconnection is currently mainly concentrated in Beijing Tianjin Hebei and the Yangtze River Delta, including the Yangtze River economic belt with a demand of 200000 m2, including Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan and Hefei, which also shows a rapid growth trend. In terms of investment field, CCID Consulting believes that smart electricity and investment fields related to CPS (information physical system) concept have great potential in the future

for investment opportunities, Wang yunhou believes that they are mainly concentrated in four aspects: Industrial interconnection platform, simulation design, industrial security field and big data

the "intelligent manufacturing development plan (year)" released by the Ministry of industry and information technology earlier proposed that by 2020, a batch of key technical equipment for intelligent manufacturing will be developed, which will have strong competitiveness, and the domestic market satisfaction rate will exceed 50%; Break through a number of key common technologies of intelligent manufacturing, and the domestic market satisfaction rate of core support software exceeds 30%; The popularization rate of digital R & D and design tools of enterprises in key areas of manufacturing industry is more than 70%, the numerical control rate of key processes is more than 50%, and the popularization rate of digital workshops/intelligent factories is more than 20%. In this regard, Wang yunhou said that the goal of 2020 is still relatively high, and it is challenging to achieve

Cold thinking under the upsurge

in 2017, the development of industrial interconnection in China was in full swing. In economically developed areas with rapid development of manufacturing industry, many provinces have issued plans and policy documents on industrial interconnection. However, when analyzing the development status of China's industrial interconnection, Yang Chunli directly pointed out the "short board" of development: in the data acquisition layer, there are many ready-made data, but there are few data collected on site, and the data types are few, and the accuracy is very low. In the industrial PAAS platform layer, the development tools are insufficient and the industry model is missing, which can not meet the needs of industrial applications. As for industrial app, it has not been really applied to industry, and there is no mature business model

in addition, it is well known that the development of industrial interconnection between GE and Siemens is based on the basic completion of the digitalization and networking of the manufacturing industry, while the industrialization and digital transformation of many Chinese enterprises have not been completed. Yang Chunli said, "in this case, all enterprises participating in the platform construction want to be the leader, so our leading enterprises are not very clear in this process."

"It should be emphasized that the openness of Chinese enterprises is not high compared with that of foreign countries, and they basically fight alone without forming a joint force. In addition, the quality and capacity of the platform need to be improved urgently. The core support behind industrial interconnection is the cloud platform, but the survey found that large enterprises are unwilling to go to the cloud, and the pace of going to the cloud is very slow, and their understanding of industrial cloud is also different, which restricts the development and response of China's industrial interconnection platform Use. In the vertical field, some Chinese enterprises have good typical applications, but there are still great bottlenecks and shortcomings in cross industry and cross field aspects. Therefore, in the development of industrial interconnection, it is only in the preliminary stage, and there is still a long way to go in the future. " Yang Chunli said

Baumert said, "the designer gave us the design scheme. Yang Chunli suggested that the government should treat consumer interconnection and industrial interconnection differently in policy, "For consumer interconnection, we should also strengthen supervision to encourage innovation, and the government should step on the brakes and the accelerator to control excessive development. But for industrial interconnection, we should vigorously support and encourage innovation in terms of policy. By 2025, China will have three to five international enterprises that can compete with GE and Siemens."

China can achieve "overtaking at corners"

Wang Jianwei believes that accelerating the construction and development of industrial interconnection is of great significance to promote the transformation and upgrading of the real economy according to the relevant budget and evaluation, vigorously develop the digital economy, and build a manufacturing power and a network power, which is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

first, industrial interconnection provides key support for the construction of a manufacturing power. The construction of a manufacturing power, guided by the promotion of intelligent manufacturing, is a prerequisite for digital users to be willing to bear the systematization, networking and intellectualization of traditional PC control. Through network connection and data interworking, the service link evolves from single point digitization to full integration, realizing the transformation of data-driven intelligent manufacturing. And then promote the opening and innovation of the manufacturing industry to realize the optimization of production capacity and the revitalization of stock

second, industrial interconnection provides important opportunities for the construction of a network power. As a new network infrastructure, industrial interconnection has expanded the application field of interconnection from virtual to physical, and from life to production, which has greatly expanded the boundary of network space, accelerated the development of industrial digital economy, created a broad development space for IPv6 next-generation interconnection, and provided a historic opportunity for the construction of a network power

third, industrial interconnection provides a new driving force for economic transformation and upgrading. Industrial interconnection is oriented to the expansion of the entire real economy, such as energy, transportation, urban construction, and the development from automation to networking and intelligence. The indispensable infrastructure will open up information islands and data arteries in various industries and fields, and form an industrial interconnection that supports the overall transformation and upgrading of the real economy

CCID consultants believes that based on the huge manufacturing industry foundation, China's industrial interconnection field has entered the channel of accelerating development, and data must be the basic element of the development of the whole industry and the whole market. At present, there is an obvious trend, that is, industry leaders have been taking the lead in industrial layout. At the same time, industrial interconnection will also become a new goal of local industrial development

Qu Kaifeng, general manager of yundao Zhizao, is full of confidence in the development of China's industrial interconnection. He said: "China has the effect of scale. China can overtake at corners and change lanes, and China's interconnection can catch up with foreign countries. The essence of industrial interconnection is interconnection, which has the gene of interconnection. In addition, China has a complete range of industries, especially many talents, and the dividend of talents is relatively large. The most important point is that China's industry has developed to a certain stage. I don't agree with localization simply for the sake of localization, but I believe that countries with industrial interconnection Certain production and chemical

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