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Orders in the off-season market decreased, and the chemical fiber index fell significantly

this week, the China Shengze silk chemical fiber index of the Ministry of Commerce closed at 99.11 points, down 0.17 points compared with last week. Among them, the chemical fiber fabric price index closed at 98.04 points, down 0.19 points compared with last week. The chemical fiber index industry is guaranteed to close at 100.99 points, down 0.34 points compared with last week; The cocoon silk index recently closed at 101.24 points, down 0.07 points year-on-year, and is expected to become a substitute material for the manufacture of disposable coffee cups and other supplies in the future

from the price index product trend chart, we can see that this week, the upstream chemical fiber raw material prices have made price cuts and adjustments, and the adjustment range is still large, but textile enterprises are still afraid to accept orders in the face of price falls. Raw material price "how to ensure the quality of the screen on the roller coaster depends on our experimental machine". The market has had a great impact on textile enterprises and downstream industrial chains. Now the market is still waiting and waiting. Therefore, this week, Shengze fabric sales are not satisfactory, and the market is not very stable

this week, the sales of autumn and winter clothing fabrics are nearing the end, and the purchase of clothing fabrics in spring and summer next year has been included in the agenda. However, under the current situation of falsely high prices, the sales of fabrics in spring and summer are less than those in previous years, especially in cotton fabrics. Due to the sharp rise of cotton in the early stage, it has brought serious consequences to the sales of downstream cotton fabrics, and now many enterprise orders are still in a downturn, The increase of cotton price has made enterprises "overwhelmed". At present, there are orders in the cotton market, and no one does it; Some people did it, and there was no money to earn. The cotton textile enterprises were in a heavy wait-and-see mood, which also led to the gloomy situation of cotton trading in Shengze market this week, with few market highlights. However, although the sales of fabrics in the market are sluggish now, it is not a backwater. Among them, the sales of 290t 1/2 oblique semi elastic Chunya textile, 300t matte twill Chunya textile and other varieties have increased. These varieties are now mainly used as fabrics for men's and women's casual wear, and the product prices are the same as last weekend; In terms of Jingbo satin, this week, the sales of a 50d*75d+150d horizontal stripe Jingbo Satin increased. This fabric is made by adding a 150D twisted silk on the basis of ordinary twisted satin, which produces the effect of horizontal stripes on the cloth. It has a better feel and distinct style than ordinary twisted satin, so it has become a popular clothing material this year. Now the market quotation is 8.8 yuan/meter; As for Taslon, this week, 228t matte polyester Taslon fabric is now mainly used for spring and summer casual clothes after anti flocking and waterproof treatment, and the market quotation is 7.45 yuan/meter; In terms of nylon polyester spinning, this week, the market sales of 200D air change slub elastic nylon polyester spinning are good. The biggest feature of this fabric is that in addition to the unique two-color effect of nylon polyester spinning after dyeing and finishing, the fabric also has the advantages of bright color and smooth hand feeling. Therefore, now it can be used as the lining of jackets, windbreakers, high-end clothes, bedding, curtains, cushions, tablecloths, etc, This kind of fabric has a wide range of uses, so the current market sales are rising all the way; In terms of suede, the sales volume of warp suede is general now, and the shipment volume of weft suede is increasing. Among them, 75d*225d glued weft suede is particularly prominent. This fabric uses weft suede as the base cloth, and the finished fabric has short, delicate, soft and comfortable feel, simple and fashionable pattern. Now it is widely used in home textile products, and the quotation of the finished fabric is 11.2 yuan/meter; In terms of clothing lining, the sales volume of polyester taffeta increased this week, of which the larger sales volume is 290t polyester taffeta. Because this fabric belongs to high-density varieties, it is now used by downstream garment factories to make clothing gallbladder cloth, and the market price is cheap, around 3.3 yuan/meter. In addition, the water jet starting rate in Shengze market is still normal, but the starting rate of air-jet looms has declined due to the reduction of cotton orders

in terms of chemical fiber raw materials, at present, the PTA market performance is still weak, especially the lower crude oil price drives the prices of naphtha and PX down, and the lower cost of PTA raw materials leads to the downward shift of the price focus. Judging from the purchasing situation of downstream enterprises, it is difficult for PTA prices to perform well before the purchase and sales in the downstream market resume. However, with the intensive introduction of national price control measures, the market is expected to continue to weaken in the short term. In terms of downstream polyester, the prices of semi gloss polyester chips and bright polyester chips have also been adjusted. Now, the semi gloss polyester chip market generally trades at a half cash and half exchange rate of 12200 yuan/ton, while the bright polyester chip market generally trades at a half cash and half exchange rate of 12100 yuan/ton, down by yuan/ton year-on-year over the weekend

on the downstream side, this week, Shengze polyester filament market was in a high callback stage. However, since the end of last week, the pace of decline in Shengze polyester filament market has gradually decreased, and the price has also shown signs of easing. By Thursday, the cash quotation of fdy66d/24 in Shengze market was 20400 yuan/ton, DTY increased by yuan/ton, dty75d/72f cash quotation was 20400 yuan/ton, POY continued to stabilize, and the current cash quotation of poy75d/72f was 17100 yuan/ton, However, because downstream enterprises believe that the price of raw materials is still high, the wait-and-see atmosphere in the fabric sales market is very strong, which is easy to understand. The market situation after drastic changes makes downstream weaving enterprises feel difficult to control. In addition, the monthly settlement price of polyester raw materials is about to be introduced, and the market is highly concerned about this settlement price. Therefore, before the end of the month, the polyester market should be stable

recently, although it has entered winter, the performance of cocoon and silk products is still relatively tight, and the introduction of pellet pressure testing machine for spot price testing is strong. However, due to many uncertain factors in the late stage of the domestic market, the external environment still exerts pressure on the domestic market. In the call to control inflation, the prices of many products, especially agricultural products, also fell, and the cocoon silk is still making difficult choices in the long and short. In the later stage, although the price of cocoon and silk remains firm now, the recent decline in the prices of other types of agricultural products fully shows that the higher the price, the greater the risk of decline of agglomeration. In this case, the characteristics of the supply-demand relationship of cocoon and silk products are important, but perhaps the national macro factors will have an increasingly greater impact on the price trend of cocoon and silk in the later stage

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