In the hottest packaging season, the two bosses co

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During the peak packaging season, the two bosses confessed in despair: they closed the factory after catching up with this batch of goods

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core tip: two stories circulated in the manufacturing industry some time ago, read one by one! I think both business owners and employees should have a look. (3) Constantly improve the industry management. The two bosses are not bad at orders, customers and expensive equipment. What factors force them to make up their minds

[China Packaging News] two stories spread in the manufacturing industry some time ago, read more and more heart-wrenching! I think both business owners and employees should have a look

the two bosses are not bad at orders, not bad at customers, but also guarding expensive equipment. What factors force them to make up their minds

the truth of the two stories is as follows:

Lao Yu opened a label printing enterprise, which mainly produces labels for some daily chemical and alcohol enterprises. As far as the Shanghai market is concerned, there are not many label printing factories. Lao Yu's factory has been a little famous for more than 10 years. Last month, in order to catch up with a batch of work, factory workers also worked overtime for many days, only daring to take a day off from work

but after rushing to make this batch of goods, Lao Yu closed the factory, which was already busy

why should Lao Yu quit the printing industry? The reason is quite representative in China's current manufacturing industry

once upon a time, Laoyu's customers - those enterprises of Party A began to lengthen the arrears of processing fees, and often a customer's processing fees of hundreds of thousands of yuan could be in arrears for months or even years. For the boss Lao Yu, the workers' monthly wages should not be in arrears, and the material purchase funds should not be in arrears... Especially the real estate builders and 2. Check whether the computer hardware driver is installed successfully. Consumers... The monthly output value data is very considerable, but it is only the data on the account. The cash flow is often tight, and they need to make up their own money

the long-term pressure made Lao Yu finally make up his mind: "it's too hard to do the printing business."

Lao Yu's hardship, people who have been bosses will know that can party B choose high-quality customers who are not bargaining, not picky, and now settled? It's really impossible to do business in the printing industry. The reasons why customers continue to extend repayment are mostly the following - "my customers have not settled for me yet" and "give me a few more days". These reasons really make people laugh and speechless. How can the accounting period be passed like beating a drum and passing flowers? How can others' default be the reason for their own default? But the fact is that the extended account period is gradually infected, which has become a flooding hidden rule in the printing industry

the boss is actually not easy. You say that the company has made money this year, but there may be no money in the bank account at all, and it still owes a lot of receivables, or even foreign debt. Arrears and accounting period are really terrible things

Lao Wang's company is a traditional production-oriented enterprise, with a factory of nearly 300 people, and its main customers are state-owned enterprises and listed enterprises. This was definitely a piece of cake in the past. But today, when the economic pressure is getting worse, it has become the source of his pain. Customers' payment collection and accounting period are getting longer and longer, and even with high gross profit support, they can't afford a large amount of advance. Moreover, there are more than 300 workers in the factory who need to support. With a per capita salary of 5000 plus various insurances and provident funds, the monthly human cost expenditure is up to 2million, and the "stable consumption" of rent, water, electricity and taxes added up to 3million a month. Last year alone, 30million loans were advanced. According to the current situation, it is only possible to advance more and more. But only by mortgaging the real estate and borrowing 8million from the bank can the enterprise operate

it's a blessing to be able to retreat. The later the low-end manufacturing industry and small enterprises will only be more difficult. Lao Wang calculated an account, and the tax, bank interest, rent and salary accumulated 32.4 million in 10 years. What I left for myself was a pile of debt and junk

Lao Wang said that he was so tired that he closed the factory after collecting all the payment for goods. He worked hard to support more than 300 people, bearing the ultimate tax burden but without corresponding status. On the contrary, people who do finance and usury can live a natural and unrestrained life

what made Lao Wang decide to close the factory that he had worked hard for all his life? Lao Wang gave the following reasons:

1. Environmental protection is just the beginning, and then there will be security inspection and fire control. There are many kinds of gadgets, so it's impossible to prevent them before use. In a previous factory, environmental protection hit more than 10 million, and environmental protection came again after the security check. According to the market, it was difficult to survive. There was still 5000 yuan a month's salary for working in the factory

2. There is great cost pressure. The annual tax payment, plant rent, and the increased electricity charge after the addition of environmental protection equipment will be 85 million years more than the original expenditure. Even if the price rises, it can't afford the expenditure of new projects at all

3. Due to the rectification of environmental protection, a large number of factories will be shut down, which is bound to cause a large number of workers to lose their income. Without income, they dare not consume, and the products are unsalable. At that time, it will be even more a dilemma. The most important thing is that 10 years of hard work day and night, trembling, lost body and energy, but the result is not ideal, the heart is really tired

Lao Yu and Lao Wang are just like thousands of people who have worked hard to start a business. For them with more than 20 years of industrial experience, they used to be enthusiastic about serving the country with industry, but now they are just getting more and more incompetent, until they abandon industry

these two events are obviously not an isolated event. In recent years, some industrial bosses have fallen into the plight of bankruptcy, salary arrears, payment recovery from suppliers, and insolvency. Most of the successful "transformation" have withdrawn from the operation of physical enterprises and invested in houses by seizing the rise in house prices. Countless bosses dedicated to industry regretted it and sighed one after another, "it's better to buy two houses to make money after working hard in factories for more than ten years." After making money, enterprises should continue to increase investment. Competition is heavy and pressure is great. They can't even sleep well. Buying a house and lying down can make a lot of money, which is the popular "income after sleep"

in the past, many factory owners believed that relying on the complete industrial chain of the industrial base, China's manufacturing industry could gain a firm foothold in the market of economic globalization. But now, Samsung and other foreign enterprises have uprooted and moved to Southeast Asia and India. Affected by the Sino US trade war and the soaring cost of domestic manufacturing, even China's national enterprises have opened factories overseas, and the complete industrial chain is in jeopardy. What is more wonderful is that although more and more factories have closed down, it is still difficult to recruit workers. Even if they are recruited, they will not be able to do anything

looking at the domestic demand market, dozens of industries related to real estate have already been overdrawn, and orders are bound to shrink significantly in the future. Housing loans and car loans have emptied six wallets, and even caught up with consumption in the next 20 years. Fewer and fewer people are working and more and more people are unemployed. Where else can we spend

with the decline of the real economy, seeing that their customers are more and more reluctant to pay, it is more and more difficult to support. It is better to go ashore as soon as possible and take the initiative to close the enterprise. Stop early and do some speculation. With your own channels and experience, you don't have to be afraid, and you won't earn less than opening a factory

maybe twoorthree years later, China will have two less down-to-earth bosses and two more speculators

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