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Internet Era: the development of automotive electronics and appliances may usher in a new round of opportunities and challenges

original title: the development of automotive electronics and appliances ushers in a new round of opportunities and challenges. Recently, the 2016 China automotive parts and electronics industry annual meeting and technology exchange seminar was held in Hebi, Henan Province. The theme of the conference is the Internet Era: the development of automotive electronics and appliances may usher in a new round of opportunities and challenges

the conference was hosted by China Auto Parts Industry Corporation and China auto parts automotive electronics and electrical appliances development center, with an autonomy rate of more than 50%, and co organized by Tianhai Automotive Electronics Group Co., Ltd. with the theme of exchange, sharing, collaboration and development

representatives from more than 180 enterprises, including China Automotive Technology Research Center, Beijing New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., Lear (China) Co., Ltd., Changsha Automotive Electrical Appliances Research Institute, and delfingen Auto Parts Co., Ltd., focused on hot issues in the industry and had a heated discussion on the new achievements of pollution-free technology and low noise and the development trend of auto parts enterprises under the new normal

zhanghongye, general manager of China Auto Parts Industry Corporation, said that with the development of lightweight and intelligent vehicles, the national auto industry has ushered in a new golden era; Facing a new round of technological revolution such as interconnection, big data and intelligence, the core technology of the automotive industry will usher in new opportunities and challenges. As an important foundation for the development of the automotive industry, automotive electronics and appliances provide strong support for the development of the automotive industry

do seven things well: the core competitiveness of enterprises determines the success or failure of enterprises in market competition. In the new round of opportunities and challenges in the automotive electronics market, how to effectively improve the core competitiveness has become an urgent problem for enterprises to solve

Fu Yuwu, President of the China Society of automotive engineering, believes that doing seven major things well is an important means to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and release the vitality of enterprises. First, the transformation from pre management to post supervision to release the vitality of the enterprise; Second, form an innovative system and mechanism with enterprises as the main body and learn from the whole industry; Third, change from speed benefit type to quality benefit type, and pursue development quality; Fourth, adjust the product structure, market structure and technical structure, such as adjusting the market structure to march into the international market; Fifth, from managing products to managing brands; Sixth, carry out green development and cooperation, and the automotive industry must make contributions to green development; Seventh, the implementation of talent strategy, especially the craftsmanship spirit, is worth learning by the whole industry. Doing these seven major events well is an important measure for the current electronic and electrical industry to achieve supply side transformation and upgrading

with the development of automotive electronics and appliances, there are many leading enterprises that stand out in improving the competitiveness of nuclear plastic film, rubber, wire and cable, waterproof coiled material, metal wire and other materials in various physical and mechanical performance testing hearts. In 2015, as the largest automobile connector production and R & D base in China, Tianhai automotive electronics group increased its sales revenue by 21.34% year-on-year, 17 percentage points higher than the growth rate of the automotive industry, in the context of the economic downturn and the slowdown of automotive growth. This is closely related to a series of measures taken by Tianhai to adjust product structure, implement talent strategy and face the world

electric vehicle product technology is booming: like traditional fuel vehicles, the development direction of electric vehicle product technology is lighter and more intelligent

in order to meet different use needs, new energy vehicles need to continuously improve their driving range, power performance, use cost and other aspects of gradually releasing moisture. Power performance is one of the key factors that determine pure electric vehicles. Improving energy density and reducing cost are the main directions of power battery development. In this regard, Zheng Guangzhou, chief engineer of the Automotive Engineering Institute of BAIC New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., said that considering the vehicle's range and weight design requirements, ternary battery material is an ideal choice for long range electric vehicles

we can predict that ternary and graphite systems will be the main ones before 2020, and inflatable battery systems will be the main ones after 2030. Zheng Guangzhou added that the driving mode of electric vehicles will also change, and will gradually show a high-density, highly centralized and independent driving trend. At present, pure electric vehicles are mainly in the form of front-end and front-end drivers. With the improvement of system integration, they will develop towards the front and rear axle independent drive or four-wheel drive

as a major energy consumer of the whole vehicle, the advanced heat pump air conditioning technology is particularly important in new energy vehicles. Domestic mainstream vehicle manufacturers have shown great enthusiasm for this technology. BAIC bjev plans to start building heat pump air conditioning technology on a full range of platforms in 2018

excellent enterprises should look for opportunities to go abroad: on the enterprise booth, it was found that there were many parts and components of supporting electric vehicles displayed at this year's annual meeting. This year, our company has displayed many electric vehicle harness products, and the rapid development of electric vehicles has brought us many opportunities. From the words of a person in charge of a wire harness enterprise, we can realize that the independent electronic and electrical appliance enterprises, which are very sensitive to market signals, are closely following the market situation and looking for opportunities in a new round of development

in addition, many industry insiders at the meeting said that the human-computer interaction system also presents a diversified technology trend, including HMI system, wearable devices, gesture control and cross vehicle multi screen interaction, which will bring a more convenient driving experience to electric vehicles

Zhang Jingtang, chairman of Tianhai Automotive Electronics Group, said that the development direction of China's auto parts lies in global supporting. Excellent auto parts enterprises go abroad to the world and form international competitiveness, which is also one of the goals of supply side reform

the above is about the theme of 2016 China auto parts, electronics and electrical industry annual conference and technology exchange seminar. The Internet Era: the development of automotive electronics and electrical appliances may usher in a new round of opportunities and challenges

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