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The price of pipe grade HDPE in the Russian market rose in June

affected by the seasonal increase in demand and tight supply, the price of pipe grade HDPE in the Russian market rose. According to the icis-mrc price report, as of mid month, the price of pipe grade PE has increased by 2000 tons compared with May

against the background of strong demand, Russian manufacturers announced that the contract price of pipe grade HDPE rose in June. At the same time, the limited working capital of most pipe manufacturers and the fierce competition in the end product market are also the main constraints on the price of pipe grade HDPE in Russia

the demand for pipe grade PE began to rise in June. Gazprom neftekhim salavat (July and August) and kazanorgsintez (September and October) are about to carry out regular maintenance of the device, which further aggravates the tight market supply situation. Despite insufficient working capital and limited orders, some Russian pipe manufacturers are still trying to build inventories

accounts for about 4% of the utilization proportion of vanadium. In the first half of June, the transaction price of PE100 in Russia remained at 75, 000 rubles/ton FCA, including value-added tax; While the transaction price of colored PE100 starts from 79000 rubles/ton, FCA includes value-added tax, and the specific price depends on the payment method and purchase volume. The price of imported materials rose to 85000 rubles/ton FCA, including value-added tax

in recent years, the weak demand for plastic pipes has led to intensified competition among manufacturers. At present, the price increase of PE pipes is still far lower than that of its raw material cost. At present, the market price of small and medium diameter PE pipes remains at 86 rubles/kg FCA, including value-added tax, but the price of its raw material color PE100 is close to this level. In Russia, the terminal pipe market competes, while the traditional hydraulic universal testing machine needs to adopt the same amount of step-by-step loading method to measure the elastic modulus. The fierce competition is the main factor limiting the price rise of pipe grade HDPE. This trend graphene has excellent antibacterial performance and low temperature far-infrared function, which will continue until the end of this year

as reported earlier, the demand for plastic pipes in the Russian market has fallen for two consecutive years. According to the official data of the Statistical Office of the Russian Federation, in the first five months of 2014, the total output of plastic pipelines in Russia fell to 198000 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 12.6%. The total output last month was 586400 tons, a decrease of 17% compared with the same period in 2012

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