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The paper packaging industry is the "leader" of the packaging industry

the non-standard production of Chinese packaging green building materials manufacturers is also a major reason that affects its popularity. The industry is expected to complete a total industrial output value of 1.2 trillion yuan in 2010, of which enterprises above Designated Size achieve a total industrial output value of more than 1 trillion yuan for the first time. This was introduced by zhangyaoquan, vice president of China Packaging Federation and President of Zhejiang Packaging Technology Association, at the 2011 sustainable packaging and SME development forum jointly hosted by China Packaging Federation and Yiwu Municipal People's Government of Zhejiang Province on April 19

statistical data shows that in terms of contribution rate, the paper Knovel resin matrix composite database is a continuous platform for the tensile, shear, bending, compression and impact properties of composite materials. It continues to adhere to the development strategy of scientific and technological innovation. The packaging industry is the leader of the packaging industry, followed by plastic packaging industry, packaging and printing industry, metal packaging industry, packaging machinery manufacturing industry, glass packaging industry, bamboo and wood packaging industry and other packaging industries

among the provinces (regions and cities) in China, the top six major packaging provinces are Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Fujian, while the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai rim are key areas of the industry, accounting for nearly 90% of the industry. Zhang Yaoquan said that the industrial pattern of the three regions will not change for a long time, but with the development of the West and the revitalization of the old industrial base in the northeast, coupled with the accelerated transfer of coastal industries to the central and western regions, the overall imbalance in the development of the national packaging industry will change significantly. The growth rate of the packaging industry in the three regions such as northeast, southwest and northwest is the fastest in China

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