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The paper packaging industry calls for informatization and automation

informatization and industrialization play a vital role in the transformation and upgrading of the paper packaging industry. Photo by Zuo Zhihong

from September 16 to 17, the China Packaging forum Chongqing Bishan summit, hosted by the China Packaging Federation, CO organized by Chongqing Packaging Association and Chongqing Bishan Industrial Park Management Committee, and hosted by Chongqing Jinshan Xintai packaging (Group) Co., Ltd., was successfully held. Representatives from the paper products packaging Committee of the China Packaging Federation, major corrugated line equipment suppliers, and well-known corrugated packaging enterprises gathered together to offer suggestions on the current situation and existing problems of the paper products machinery industry, such as the elimination of backward production capacity, low-carbon emission reduction, energy conservation and environmental protection, and the future development direction of the paper products machinery industry

informatization hope association takes the lead in formulating relevant standards

China's paper product packaging industry is developing rapidly, but there is still a big gap with advanced countries and regions. Wang Yuezhong, assistant to the president of China Packaging Federation, and Liu Shousheng, Secretary General of the paper products packaging Committee of China Packaging Federation, all put forward the above views at the forum. One of the manifestations of the gap lies in the high degree of industrialization and informatization of foreign paper packaging enterprises, while China's paper packaging industry is still in the process of industrialization

the packaging industry should further promote the integration of informatization and industrialization. Wang Yuezhong particularly pointed out that we should promote the high-level and deep integration of informatization and industrialization, promote industrialization with informatization, promote informatization with industrialization, and take a new road to industrialization. He hopes that paper packaging machinery enterprises and paper packaging enterprises can use information technology to effectively improve and promote the development of the industry

Liu Weicheng, chairman of Zhuzhou Sanxin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., believes that the integration of industrialization and industrialization is a necessary way to improve the development level of domestic paper packaging machinery industry, and it is also a necessary choice to help paper packaging enterprises improve efficiency. Liu Weicheng introduced that Zhuzhou Sanxin strives to help customers improve their informatization level through its own strength. It not only provides ERP interface in advance on the equipment, but also actively participates in and improves the ERP construction process of customers

at the same time, Liu Weicheng suggested that industry associations could take the lead to improve industry standards. Due to the large number of enterprises in the industry, different enterprises are in different stages of development, and there will be many differences in the requirements for the informatization level of production equipment. In addition, equipment suppliers should also divide their products into multiple levels according to market demand to meet the needs of different customers, so as to avoid homogeneous competition

Lin Qijun, general manager of Taizhou forest color printing and packaging Co., Ltd., said that the choice of ERP system by packaging enterprises is sometimes a factor restricting their development. Many enterprises may have a vague understanding when choosing ERP system and cannot make a reasonable choice. He hoped that the association would take the lead, unite with enterprises in the industry, share experience, formulate standards, and give enterprises more guidance

automation expects equipment manufacturers to provide perfect solutions

at present, in the production process of corrugated box enterprises, plate making, printing slotting and subsequent processing are top heavy. In this regard, Zhejiang Shangfeng made clear the classification requirements of different express packages. Wan Yuan, the executive deputy general manager of packaging Co., Ltd., hoped that equipment suppliers could help packaging enterprises in the automation of downstream processing equipment. In addition, he suggested that equipment suppliers can help enterprises provide more effective and labor-saving solutions in logistics automation

automatic and high-performance equipment also puts forward higher requirements for operators. Hu limeng, chief engineer of Shengda Group Co., Ltd., said that although the enterprise has purchased equipment with excellent functions, the quality of operating workers can't keep up with it at present, and the enterprise's own training ability is not strong. Therefore, the lack of after-sales commitment of in-process products is also an important factor that needs to be considered. It is hoped that the equipment supplier can give more help in training

Lin Qijun hopes that equipment suppliers should consider the return on investment of enterprises when recommending equipment for enterprises, and make more reasonable and more conducive equipment recommendations for customers in combination with their actual needs and future development

Liu Shousheng believes that at present, many domestic machinery factories have a drawback, most of them rely on outsourcing processing and parts assembly, and lack core technology. In this way, once the drawings are leaked, many parts processing plants are easy to change into equipment plants, which also leads to the development of domestic carton machinery. On the other hand, domestic corrugating machinery is entering a development misunderstanding. Many cartons are printed with high precision and multicolor printing is very exquisite, but they forget what the real requirements of cartons are. Liu Shousheng pointed out that corrugated boxes should pursue speed and efficiency rather than printing accuracy

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research and development of paper packaging equipment aimed at low-carbon and environmental protection

at the China Packaging Forum - Chongqing Bishan summit, representatives of major paper packaging machinery suppliers and well-known paper packaging enterprises in the industry spoke one after another, introducing their enterprises' innovations in low-carbon and environmental protection of equipment, energy conservation and emission reduction. Representatives of paper packaging enterprises, starting from their own practice, put forward new needs and expectations for equipment suppliers

Chen congyong, marketing director of Bokai machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (manufacturing technology and overall strength are further improved BHS), introduced how the company can help corrugated box enterprises reduce costs through the improvement of corrugated board production line. BHS corrugated board production line has outstanding performance in saving electricity, steam, adhesives, base paper and labor. In terms of electric energy, BHS aims to save 9 kwh of electricity per thousand square meters of corrugated board production, and the whole corrugated line saves 15% - 20%; In terms of steam consumption, the target is set at 2.5 ~ 3 tons/hour, which is lower than the average level of 3.5 ~ 4 tons/hour of similar tile lines; In terms of adhesives, the use amount can be reduced by 15%; In terms of labor, only 6-8 people are needed to operate each BHS tile line

at the same time, Chen congyong also said that to improve the production level of domestic corrugated box enterprises, the whole industry needs to make joint efforts in carton standardization

Sweden enba Machinery Co., Ltd. introduced the non pressing box technology. According to statistics, in the production process of corrugated boxes, about 5% - 8% of the paper strength loss is in the printing link. Traditional printing equipment requires a paper feed roller to drive the paperboard for transmission, but the ultima pressureless paper feed technology of Sweden enba machinery adopts the whole process vacuum adsorption transmission without a paper feed roller, which avoids the loss of paper strength, which means that a lower amount of paper can be used to achieve the same product performance requirements. It is reported that the use of base paper can be reduced by 15% by using the technology of enba machinery to produce carton products with the same strength

Wang Qiang, deputy general manager of Taiwan Mingwei, introduced a newly developed corrugated board production line successfully developed by Taiwan Mingwei. At present, this new line is undergoing client testing abroad and is expected to be launched in the domestic market next year. This new line has three prominent features. The first is to improve the degree of automation and reduce manual dependence through process control; Second, it can automatically collect downtime and reasons, automatically display equipment utilization, and give operators data reference; The third is the outstanding performance in automatic logistics

Liu mingchuang, chairman of Taiwan Mingwei, has visited more than 90 countries and regions. Where is its most important part? Or where its most valuable parts are, he introduced his views on the development of corrugated box industry in these regions, and further emphasized the importance of carton standardization to the development of the industry

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