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It is understood that from 2011 to 2015, the total output value of China's packaging industry is expected to exceed 600billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of about 16%. In line with the national reform and opening-up policy, China's output of paper packaging products will reach 36million tons, 9.46 million tons of plastic packaging products, 4.91 million tons of metal packaging products, 15.5 million tons of glass packaging products and 1.2 million sets of packaging machinery by 2015. It is expected that in the future, circular economy will become the main mode of the development of the packaging industry, the recycling of packaging waste resources will be industrialized, green packaging materials will be vigorously developed and developed, and the development of basic packaging industry will also be accelerated

in 2011, there were 31735 food enterprises above Designated Size in China, achieving a total industrial output value of 7807.8 billion yuan at current prices, with a year-on-year increase of 31.6%, 3.7 percentage points higher than the growth rate of the national total industrial output value, accounting for 9.1% of the national total industrial output value

the rapid development of China's food industry has provided a broad space for the development of paper packaging. At present, white cardboard is widely used in drugs, cosmetics, electronic products, clothing, and is considered to be the best green carrier for energy conservation and environmental protection, as well as the packaging of toys, gifts, tobacco and other products

sterile paper packaging is composed of paperboard, plastic and aluminum film. It is usually composed of six layers, with paper accounting for 73%, plastic accounting for 20%, aluminum accounting for 5%, and other printing inks and coatings accounting for 2%. Cardboard is usually added with some chemical thermomechanical pulp, and there is a thin coating on the outside

sterile paper packaging can preserve the nutritional components and taste of food well, and the shelf life is greatly extended. The composite packaging materials and vacuum state of sterile paper packaging can prevent the products from the invasion of light, gas, odor and microorganisms, so that the food does not need to add preservatives, and the transportation and storage do not need to be refrigerated. The shape of aseptic packaging products is brick shaped, and the use of paper packaging materials makes the space utilization rate of products high and light, so the cost is not high. Sterile paper packaging is in line with the current trend of environmental protection packaging

sterile paper packaging materials have outstanding advantages and have a good development prospect in China. China's milk is mainly produced in the north, and the consumption of milk in the south is larger than that in the north, so the normal temperature packaging of milk is particularly important. In 2011, the total output value of the national dairy industry reached 236.1 billion yuan, and the consumption of liquid dairy products reached about 20.9 million tons. Industry insiders predict that the consumption of liquid dairy products in China will reach 300 in 2015 at an annual rate of 10%, which will increase the technical level of automotive non-metallic materials and products by 0 million tons. With 20% of them using sterile paper packaging, 14.8 billion will be needed every year since 2015, and there is a lot of market demand

with the improvement of living standards, the national demand for fruit juice drinks and tea drinks has increased year by year, and the demand for sterile paper packaging has increased at a rate of 20% and 30% every year. Chinese enterprises need to introduce advanced equipment, break the monopoly and enter the medium and high-end sterile packaging market

micro corrugated paper is the most refined corrugated paper used in production at present. From high to low, corrugated paper can be divided into e-corrugated paper, f-corrugated paper, g-corrugated paper, n-corrugated paper and o-corrugated paper. At present, the market share of type B corrugated is 30%; The market share of type E is 61% and is on the rise; Type F accounts for 8%, showing an upward trend; N-type only accounts for 1%, showing an upward trend

micro corrugated packaging has the characteristics of low gram weight, high strength, short production cycle, good stability, many printing methods, bright color, good printing effect, reusable and so on. These characteristics determine that it can be widely used in the packaging of electronic products, toys, breakfast food, household appliances and other products

by 2013, the global demand for corrugated boxes will rise at an annual growth rate of 3.4% to 213 billion square meters. A large part of the growth will come from the rapidly developing Chinese market. In the past ten years, corrugated packaging still has a lot of room for development, and finding a model suitable for the enterprise itself and in line with the general development trend of the industry has become the focus of enterprises

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