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Shanghai paper packaging enterprises lead the development of the packaging industry

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core tip: unknowingly, a quarter of 2015 has passed. What is the development trend of China's paper packaging industry in the new year? How to develop the industry? Is there a bright prospect for the development of cable? The following content focuses on the key points of the future development of the sea paper packaging enterprises, and expounds the future development path of China's paper packaging industry, for your reference

[China Packaging News] unknowingly, a quarter of 2015 has passed. What is the development trend of China's paper packaging industry in the new year? How to develop a better development prospect of the industry? The following Li Chao said: "Of course, the hottest topic now is centered on the key points of the future development of sea paper packaging enterprises with more than 5g content. It expounds the future development path of China's paper packaging industry for your reference!

I. pay attention to the integration of resources in the whole packaging industry, the agglomeration of resources and the use of resources

after 35 years of reform and opening up, the paper packaging industry in Shanghai has reached a critical moment to further improve the industrial structure and innovate development ideas. Compared with the packaging industry in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing and Guangdong, today's Shanghai packaging industry has no technical advantages. The advantage of market resources is not obvious enough. Not to mention, compared with Japan, South Korea, Europe and other developed packaging industry countries, these countries have formed a pattern of large-scale industrial division and industrial agglomeration after decades of scale development. In the future, Shanghai's packaging industry should also carry out such effective integration. The paper packaging industry in Shanghai will achieve effective industrial agglomeration through integration and re integration in the future. Finally, we will form a packaging enterprise with packaging product industry chain services as a whole, a packaging enterprise with industrial specialization and large-scale division of labor as a whole, and a packaging enterprise with technological innovation and design advantages as a cluster

with the further deepening of Shanghai's reform and opening-up and the further deepening of the industrial opening-up of the free trade zone, in the future, Shanghai's paper packaging industry will connect with industrial enterprises with more innovative R & D and innovative design capabilities, modern packaging product production enterprises with more originality, progressiveness and green environmental protection, and processing service enterprises with more port characteristics and logistics characteristics. It is a large-scale enterprise that connects Shanghai's urban industrial headquarters economy and extends its production to the eastern and western resource areas

today, we have seen the development plans and ambitions of some paper packaging enterprises. In the future, they will integrate and gather resources in the whole packaging industry to achieve the utilization of resources

II. Pay attention to the improvement of technology in the whole packaging industry and the innovation of packaging design culture industry, and create a new pattern of urban packaging industry in the future.

paper packaging enterprises in Shanghai have carried out large-scale equipment transformation since 1995 and introduced many new modern packaging factories during 2010, which has played a positive role in promoting the technological improvement and development of Shanghai paper packaging industry. The content of the new round of industrial structure adjustment in Shanghai is mostly as high as 99% antibacterial rate, which is repeated with the content of the verification regulation of the electronic universal experimental machine. In front of us is a blue sky with white clouds, a river like environment of Qingshui Creek, and a packaging product production factory with low-carbon, energy-saving and green reduction. Starting from 2015, most districts and counties in Shanghai will cancel the use of coal-fired boilers, which has brought some difficulties to the transformation and development of our packaging enterprises. An era of transformation is also testing the wisdom of every packaging entrepreneur. A series of questions are in front of us. What is the future of China's economic development? Market advantages, survival of the fittest? The technological progressiveness and positioning of the packaging industry? New product R & D and transformation development of enterprises? Wait, wait

the market, such as the battlefield, is always open to the winners, and difficulties will always bow to the brave. As long as our enterprise furniture has great ambition, it will certainly achieve our desired goals

III. pay attention to the effective utilization of packaging resources, expand the new field of packaging in Shanghai with green and environmental protection packaging industry, and make efforts for the innovative development of Shanghai's packaging industry.

in the process of effectively promoting the synchronous development of new industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, the country will gradually strengthen the supporting role of strategic emerging industries and service industries, and strive to promote traditional industries to move forward to the middle and high end, So as to promote public entrepreneurship and innovation, and actively discover and cultivate new economic growth points

as a traditional industry, Shanghai paper packaging should actively respond to the industrial adjustment of the country, and make better use of social resources, environmental resources and market resources to transform traditional industries into emerging industries

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