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The paper packaging industry needs to accelerate its transformation and usher in the spring of industrial chain harmony

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core tip: China has been reforming and opening up for 35 years, and China has also developed for 35 years. From the initial starting point, China's paper packaging industry has now developed into the world's largest paper packaging producer, But it is still not a productive power. The development of paper packaging industry is experiencing practical challenges. Reform is the key to determine the fate. At present, the most important task is to analyze where the greatest resistance lies in the development of the paper packaging industry, and to explore a new way of sustainable and healthy development

[China Packaging News] it has been 35 years since China's reform and opening-up, and China has also developed for a full 35 years. From the initial starting point, China's paper packaging industry has developed into the world's largest paper packaging production country, but it is still not a production power. The development of paper packaging industry is experiencing practical challenges. Reform is the key to determine the fate. At present, the most important task is to analyze where the greatest resistance lies in the development of the paper packaging industry, and to explore a new way of sustainable and healthy development

according to the analysis of the development status of China's paper packaging industry, China has gone through the development process of Europe and the United States for more than 100 years in more than 30 years, and has basically established a complete range of paper product packaging industry system. From papermaking, machinery and equipment, education and scientific research, to the production of paper products, it is completely independent, ranking first in the world in terms of total volume and growth rate, and becoming a major paper packaging country in the world

at present, various contradictions in China's paper packaging industry are concentrated and prominent. Facing the complex situation, China's packaging industry should comprehensively summarize the history and find a development path that is in line with the current and future period. In the past, the development of the industry was often that a single industry faced the whole industrial chain, and even a single enterprise had to fight with upstream and downstream and compete with peers. Such a model is not easy to support the family, let alone development. In the new era, only by integrating industries and enterprises into the whole industrial chain and social economy, can there be a benign and lasting development of the industry. The integration of industrial chains under big data is bound to become the main theme of the development of the paper packaging industry

harmonious industrial chain can promote development

in the west, papermaking and paper packaging belong to the same family, which can avoid some contradictions in the two industries in China at present. Although China's papermaking and carton industries are divided into different industries, they are interdependent and share the benefits. In a sense, it is more conducive to stimulate the harmonious survival and development of the industrial chain and the regulation of the socialist market economy. In the past ten years after entering the new century, China's paper packaging industry has spent a lot of time in the contradiction between upstream and downstream. This problem will become a rational consideration as time goes by. Of course, contradictions will appear in different forms in the future, which is the necessity of market economy. Only when the two industries are of the same magnitude can the relationship between upstream and downstream enter into relative harmony

in the upstream of paper packaging, the paper industry is blooming in small paper mills everywhere, causing environmental protection problems. Under the policy intervention of eliminating backwardness, energy conservation and emission reduction, the current situation of high concentration has been formed. The strain at a certain point of an elastic element in the relevant paper packaging industry is proportional to the force on the elastic element. The field investigation and analysis report shows that in the downstream of paper packaging, with a great wealth of production materials and living materials, With the rise of enterprise giants in various industries, the market has put forward stricter requirements for packaging. The concentration of packaging products enterprises caught in the middle is still less than 3%, and they lack the right to speak in the industrial chain. The backward production capacity hinders the pace of transformation and upgrading of the entire industry, and the impact on the upstream and downstream is beyond doubt

no link in an industrial chain can survive, but the three camps can act independently after breaking into two halves, which is the key to the disharmonious development of the industrial chain. In the era of big data, it is unwise for an industry or enterprise to fight alone in the face of the market, upstream and downstream, and peers. Of course, the industry cannot return to the planned economy mode, nor can it follow the way of western countries' integration, or maintaining the microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine is your better choice. The practices of the past 30 years are obviously inappropriate. The only way out is to coordinate the relationship between various industries through economic means. In the whole industrial chain, paper is connected from beginning to end. The recycling of paper is an important factor to add lubricant to the industry and advance and retreat the industry

in the early 1990s, Germany enacted the "packaging law", which raised the recycling of waste paper to the legal level. Subsequently, the European Union formulated a series of regulations. In 2013, the European Union revised the regulations on waste paper recycling, which had a huge response in the industrial chain. China's paper packaging industry should not blindly follow the practices of other countries, but should formulate effective laws and regulations according to China's national conditions and the situation of the industry, so that the industrial chain can develop healthily and continuously, so that industries and enterprises can truly undertake the society, and implement the national policy of green development

waste paper is conducive to industry integration

at present, China's carton industry has a waste paper rate of about 5% in the process of manufacturing products. China is a large corrugated board production country, accounting for about 27% of the global output of 200 billion square meters, and will still grow by 8%-10%. About 3million tons of waste paper are used in production every year. The use of waste paper recycling plays an important role in strengthening the integration with the upstream and accelerating the improvement of concentration in the paper packaging industry

waste paper will play a positive role in the integration of paper packaging industry. China's packaging paper accounts for an increasing proportion of the total amount of waste paper, which requires higher requirements for paper product manufacturers in green development and recycling

the recycling of waste paper in China should start from the following eight aspects: it is suggested that the government formulate the "packaging law", so as to avoid packaging as much as possible, use less packaging materials as much as possible, and recycle as much as possible. Packaging manufacturers should bear the responsibility of the society of waste paper recycling and packaging material recycling; Large packaging enterprises with conditions set up recycling agencies to collect waste paper from their factories and surrounding enterprises, invest in the construction of waste paper recycling facilities in surrounding communities, and be responsible for recycling community living and office waste paper; Waste paper is sold as a commodity, and a set of waste paper recycling legal system should be established to comprehensively consider the interests of all parties; The establishment of waste paper recycling agencies should be strictly examined and approved, the entry threshold should be set, and the recycling agencies should set up waste paper recycling points covering designated areas; Packaging products enterprises should speed up the process of improving packaging structure and creative design, and reduce the use of materials; Accelerate the research and development of reusable packaging products; Strict approval procedures for waste paper export; Industry associations guide and assist enterprises to strengthen waste paper recycling

China's paper packaging industry has a huge space for development. At present, there is still a considerable gap between China's per capita paper consumption and developed countries. At present, the changes in the economic situation, the concentration of accumulated contradictions, the increasing difficulty of transformation and upgrading, and the increasing pressure on ecological environment protection are all the best periods to force the industry to accelerate the transformation of economic growth mode. Overcoming difficulties in the paper packaging industry will usher in a new format and a harmonious spring of the industrial chain

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