Baiyin City, Gansu Province is the hottest city to

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Baiyin City, Gansu Province promotes the green development of titanium dioxide, gypsum and other industries

on April 20, Zhang Zhi, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, usually judged from the following three points: Quan, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and Mayor Zhang Xuchen, and Yuan chongjun, chairman of the Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference, went deep into Yindong Industrial Park to investigate the key projects and infrastructure construction of the park, emphasizing the need to grasp the national strategic opportunity of the "the Belt and Road", implement the new concept of green development, and promote the construction of Baiyin regional economic cycle, Vigorously Markey simple formula: develop circular economy and promote industrial optimization and upgrading

Lu linbang, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and Secretary General of the municipal Party committee, Li Juzhong, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, Jia Ruchang and Yang Qingchun, vice mayors, Su junqian, member of the Party group of the municipal government and director of the Management Committee of Baiyin high tech Zone, and Wen Xudong, Secretary General of the Municipal Government participated in the research activities

the annual output of 100000 tons of sodium dichromate and supporting cleaner production project of Baiyin Changyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. has successfully solved the worldwide problem of chromium slag, transforming chromium slag from hazardous waste to general industrial solid waste, which is of exemplary significance in promoting the technological progress of the industry. Zhang Zhiquan pointed out that the project has changed the existing domestic process, overturned the domestic chrome salt roasting process, achieved remarkable energy conservation and emission reduction, and had obvious input-output advantages. The urban level and relevant departments should refine measures, implement policies accurately, provide good services for enterprises, actively open channels, and ensure that production equipment enters the park in time, so that enterprises can take root and develop on the hot land of silver, become bigger and stronger

Gansu Changsheng renewable resources Co., Ltd.'s waste automobile recycling, disassembly and utilization project, whose advantageous businesses include metal cutting tools, construction and mining equipment and facilities, stainless steel materials, special alloys, metal and ceramic resistance materials and transmission systems, is a key construction project of our city. With the introduction of foreign advanced automatic production lines and processes, the company can achieve an annual production capacity of 10000 sets (vehicles) of waste agricultural machinery and 40000 vehicles, equivalent to 100000 tons of waste agricultural machinery and vehicles. Zhang Zhiquan pointed out that the company should actively integrate resources, expand financing channels, break the bottleneck of capital constraints in the development of enterprises and projects, and make due contributions to the recycling of resources

the municipal domestic waste incineration power generation project of Baiyin Sanfeng Wenchuan environmental protection power generation Co., Ltd. adopts the grate furnace waste incineration technology. The heat generated by waste incineration is used for power generation, and the slag is used for the production of building materials. It can treat 600 tons of domestic waste in Baiyin District, Pingchuan District and Jingyuan County every day. Zhang Zhiquan pointed out that in an industrial city like ours, garbage power generation has a good demonstration effect. We should actively guide education, promote garbage classification and recycling, and make good use of old garbage to avoid the impact of insufficient garbage on power generation. At the same time, we should communicate and negotiate to solve the problem of waste power generation and national power integration

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the comprehensive utilization project of rutile titanium dioxide resources with an annual output of 200000 tons of Gansu Dongfang Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. can make full use of smelting acid, carbide slag and other resources in Baiyin high tech Zone, extend the chemical industry chain of the park, participate in the development of circular economy in the park, and meet the requirements of cleaner production. Zhang Zhiquan pointed out that after the project is put into operation, it is of great significance to the development of Baiyin's circular economy. Urban level and enterprises should grasp the strategic opportunity of the national "the Belt and Road", speed up the construction of Baiyin regional economic cycle, actively communicate and cooperate with each other, build the project into an influential demonstration project, and promote the economic and social development of Baiyin. Zhang Xuchen requested that we should take overall consideration, make scientific planning, solve the basic needs of the enterprise, such as power supply, production and domestic gas, and spare no effort to speed up the progress of the project and strive to put into operation as soon as possible. We should mobilize all forces, carefully investigate and demonstrate, formulate detailed plans, and effectively solve the problem of industrial wastewater discharge

Taishan gypsum (Gansu) Co., Ltd. uses waste gypsum to produce 30million square meters of paper gypsum board. It is a typical national environmental protection and economic recycling project, and it is also a signed project of Lanzhou fair. The project can achieve an annual consumption of about 270000 tons of waste residue, which will greatly reduce the environmental pollution caused by waste residue. Zhang Zhiquan pointed out that to develop the circular economy, we must strictly control project access, eliminate backward production capacity, and encourage cleaner production. We should strictly follow the national industrial policy of "energy conservation, emission reduction and circular economy", implement the new concept of green development, continue to deepen supply side reform, and constantly promote industrial upgrading

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