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PTA morning review: crude oil closed slightly lower, PTA may continue to fluctuate

Zhengzhou PTA futures contract fell on August 6, the main 909 contract continued to shrink and reduce its position, slightly jumped short and opened low in the morning, and the disk basically remained low, and finally closed flat with the opening price, and the daily K-line closed at cross star. The intraday high price was 8416 yuan/ton, the low price was 8338 yuan/ton, and the closing price was 8360 yuan/ton, down 52 points or 0.62% from the settlement price on the 5th. A total of 80488 transactions were made throughout the day, with positions reduced by 4966 to 81386

in the future, U.S. crude oil futures closed lower on Thursday, U.S. stocks fell further, and the dollar was depressed overnight. It is expected that there will be no large rebound in the short term

in terms of crude oil, NYMEX crude oil futures closed slightly lower on the 6th, as the US stock market fell further and the US dollar rose driven by risk aversion. The decline of heating oil futures also affected the price of crude oil futures. Data released on the 5th showed that heating oil inventories fell, just opposite to the seasonal trend, making heating oil futures prices rise. Crude oil futures in September fell 0.03 U.S. dollars, or 0.04 percent, to 71.94 U.S. dollars a barrel. During the day, Mr. Shan, a villager, said that the trading range was 71.18 to 72.42 U.S. dollars. London September Brent crude oil futures closed down $0.68, or 0.9%, at $74.83 a barrel, and the intraday trading range was $74 to $76. The latter was the highest level in the year to establish a green manufacturing public service platform, and the highest since it hit $80.74 on October 14. Crude oil prices have fluctuated little since the 3rd, and have remained above $70 a barrel. On the one hand, the increased confidence of the market that the global economy is recovering has supported oil prices, while on the other hand, weak demand and high inventories have limited the rise of oil prices

in the foreign exchange market, the pound fell in New York on the 6th, so the former Bank of England said it would inject more money into the still fragile banking system. In addition, there was a lot of money, and the dollar rose before the release of the high-profile non farm payrolls report in the United States. The Bank of England kept interest rates unchanged, but unexpectedly increased the size of its asset purchase program to boost credit. This makes it necessary to print more money, which will lead to an oversupply of sterling. Analysts said the Bank of England's move suggested that the UK economy was still struggling, making the market cautious. Sterling hit a new high of $1.7041 against the U.S. dollar on the 3rd, rising as high as $1.7028 on the 7th and falling as low as $1.6753 at one time

the weight of each bottle cap is 7g

in terms of raw material p-xylene, the Asian market price fell slightly by $1.5/ton to $1,, 147/ton FOB South Korea, and the European market closed steadily at $1,, 050/ton FOB Rotterdam

pta spot market was steadily consolidated. The seller's offer price in the domestic material market was between 8,, 350 yuan/ton, and the mainstream negotiation price in the market remained stable between 8,, 250 yuan/ton. There is a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the external market. There are few active offers from the seller, and the downstream inquiry intention is general. The mainstream negotiation price is around us dollars/ton, and the overall trading is not much

pta downstream terminal textile industry is about to enter the traditional peak sales season in September, and the textile industry is expected to get out of the trough and start to stabilize and recover. At the same time, the national policy of increasing the export tax rebate rate of textile and clothing products has also achieved positive results. In the expectation that the terminal demand will improve and the upstream cost support will be strong, the fundamentals of PTA market are still positive, and it is expected that the long pattern will remain unchanged in the short term

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