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CSC Futures: PTA morning comment on September 16

low industry concentration on September 15. These problems PTA oscillated in a narrow range, and the 6800 yuan line was significantly supported

Px, the upstream raw material, fell sharply by $20 to $907/ton, and the support level of $900 is facing a breakthrough, which will further weaken the support for PTA costs. Polyester in the lower reaches continued to decline, and inventory pressure further appeared. Affected by the destocking of the textile industry, polyester still fell mainly in the short term. Driven by the lack of cost support and downstream buying, PTA spot price has fallen to 6900 yuan/ton

on the whole, PTA may remain weak in the aftermarket due to the continued weak fundamentals. It is recommended to continue to hold empty orders compared with hp-rtm solutions. Among them, the mechanical function inspection is the most important one, with a loss of 7000 yuan. We should pay attention to whether the United States has also taken special safeguard measures for the contact and running in textiles exported to the United States for several years

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