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CSC Futures: PTA morning comment on December 28

PTA opened high on Friday and closed above the resistance level of 7826 yuan. Its position decreased slightly, and the utilization proportion of juvenile lithium-ion batteries in the electric vehicle market reached more than 38%

from the perspective of fundamentals, PX is stable at about $1100/ton, the price remains relatively strong, and the support for PTA cost is still stable. Boosted by the sharp rise in crude oil, polyester in the downstream stopped falling and rebounded slightly, and the inventory level also fell slightly, but the overall assessment of the uncertainty of the results is still weak, and the spot price of PTA rose slightly to 7640 yuan

on the whole, PTA has not been effectively boosted by the sharp rise in crude oil because downstream demand is still weak. It is expected that PTA will continue to maintain a strong shock pattern in the near future. Today, we continue to pay attention to the fight for 7826 yuan, and the operation is still dominated by short-term trading

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