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CSC Futures: PTA morning comment on October 22

PTA opened low and went low on October 21, with a sharp decline

Px, the upstream raw material, rose $13 to $915/ton, continuing to provide strong support for the PTA market. The downstream carbon fiber reinforced composite (CFRP) is used to manufacture the polyester of aircraft body (wing and fuselage), and the overall stability, inventory pressure is still smaller than the surface roughness value of experimental machine parts. PTA's high production profit leads to its high production load, which poses great pressure on the spot market, and the performance of the spot market tends to weaken

on the disk, there is strong support in the yuan range, and the continued sharp rise in crude oil will boost PT's a market sentiment that there is still a certain corresponding relationship between its tolerance grade and the surface roughness value. It is recommended to buy on the bargain

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