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CSC Futures: PTA morning comments on November 30

PTA fell by the limit on Friday

fundamentals remain strong. Dr. Achala de Mel found that 3D printing allows multiple combinations to be created in the bracket (it is difficult for traditional manufacturing methods to achieve such efficiency and repeatability). The PX of raw materials rose to $1079/ton, which remains a solid support for PTA costs. The rise of polyester in the downstream weakened, but the overall inventory pressure was not large, and the sales were relatively smooth. At present, the spot price of PTA is maintained at about 7800 yuan/ton applicable to CNG cylinders, and three major manufacturing bases in Xiamen, East China and southwest China have been gradually established

After the support of

7961 yuan broke down, it indicates that the short-term adjustment has been carried out. We should pay attention to whether 7638 yuan can form support. At present, the direction is unclear, so we will wait and see for the time being

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