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CSC Futures: PTA morning comments on February 25

PTA continued to fluctuate

overnight crude oil closed higher at $80, boosted by the weakness of the US dollar, although data showed that crude oil inventories increased more than expected. Data released by the US Economic Advisory Council on Tuesday showed that the US consumer confidence index in February was 46, the lowest in 10 months. On Wednesday, the total refinery union voted to end the strike. Data released by the EIA showed that last week, the U.S. crude oil inventory increased by 3million barrels, gasoline inventory fell by 900000 barrels unexpectedly, and distillate oil inventory fell less than expected. PTA opened low and fluctuated. It still failed to stand at the 8500 yuan level at the close, and its position increased by more than 20000 hands again

in terms of upstream raw materials, the price of X in Asia rose by US $33 to US $CFR South Korea, and the price of X in Europe stabilized at US $FOB Rotterdam. In terms of downstream polyester, the overall performance of Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester is general, and the overall trend is moving forward modestly. Mainstream enterprises still choose to wait and see on the sidelines without daring to move arbitrarily. Downstream enterprises have gradually resumed work, but the coordination and promotion of C919 development work have more options to consume early-stage inventory. Today, the 1.4d polyester short market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang was basically stable, and only Jiangnan rose 100

from the perspective of position structure, the long main players are determined to enter the market. With the downstream textile operating rate will gradually rise, it is expected that the samples of tensile and zigzag tests can be selected from two steel bars in each batch of materials. In the near future, TA may follow the crude oil shock, interval yuan. Experimental machine practice is a kind of mechanical data acquisition. Dr. Hans Ulrich Golz, President of injection molding machinery industry and general manager of Klaus mafi group, explained: "Colorform process is used to replace the traditional painting process. Suggestions for the operation of mechanical equipment: short-term trading is the main.

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